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Heavy-Duty Vacuum/Pressure Thermoforming Machines

Heavy-Duty Vacuum/Pressure Thermoforming Machines


Thermoforming Machines

These are Super Heavy-Duty Thermoforming Machines

These are single station, (heavy gauge) heavy-duty vacuum/pressure thermoforming machines designed for production runs of heavy gauge plastic parts, such as food service trays, parts containers, machine covers, computer housings, automotive parts, aircraft components, etc.

How these (Heavy Gage) Heavy-Duty Vacuum/Pressure Thermoforming Machines work: The heavy gauge plastic sheet is manually placed in the automatic clamping frame and locked into place. The two-hand start buttons are depressed to initiate the timer controlled automatic cycle. The heavy-duty clamp frame shuttles into the heating area where timer & temperature controlled top and bottom heaters radiate heat into the film. Once the film has been heated, the clamp frame moves back to the forming area where top and bottom platens move into the sheet and form the desired part. The film is then cooled via cooling fans and an air blow-off helps release the formed part from the mold. The platens retract; the clamp frame releases the film and the operator(s) remove the heavy gauge finished product and the process is repeated.

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Heavy-Duty Vacuum/Pressure Thermoforming Machines System Description:

Heating System: Advanced pre heating system incorporates top & bottom heaters. The top heater bank features flat black far infrared type, which have been specifically designed to have a longer wave length and corresponding heat profile for better penetration of heat into the heavy-gauge sheet. Each heater is individually radiated, or pre-zoned, so that the outside sections are hotter than the center sections (poor sheet drape is usually caused by an over concentration of heat in the center of the sheet). The bottom bank is equipped with cal-rod type heaters. Zones are controlled by thermocouples and can be programmed on the touch screen operator interface panel. Optional multi-zone ceramic heating system and sheet sensor system are listed below. Alternate quartz panel, catalytic gas, extra-length cal rod, etc., type heating systems are also available.

Form Station: Welded steel, heavy-duty full form area platens are utilized. Both top & bottom platens move independently. Platen speed can be controlled, determining which platen will meet the plastic sheet first. The clamp frame has adjustable members for clamping smaller film sheets.

Vacuum Station: Heavy-duty 3 HP vacuum pump with 70 gallon surge tank, piped to tooling and synchronized with forming cycles.

Control System: Operator Interface Control panel, with Intel® Pentium® processor, provides for fast memory set-up and adjustment of operating parameters and sequences to the PLC through the color touch screen. This Windows based system provides a new dimension in functionality and ergonomics of the man/machine interface for improved machine efficiency and productivity. This user-friendly system incorporates full graphic and animated process displays, prompting the operator through all the steps of operation and taking the guesswork out of setting up and running the machine. The touch screen is used to easily enter, access, adjust, monitor and store heater temperatures, cycle speeds, all process timers, machine sequencing, job/recipe storage, etc., adjustment of timers, heaters, production data, etc.

Technical & Maintenance: Help is provided via self-diagnostics of fault conditions and corresponding corrective measures recommended. Additionally, PLC I/O cards can be monitored on the screen to assist and simplify component troubleshooting without having to open electrical panels or use of a meter.

Diagnostic Indicators: Provides fault condition indicators and recommended corrective measures as well as PLC I/O information on touch screen control panel.


Heavy-Duty Vacuum/Pressure Thermoforming Machine Specifications:

Forming Area

36" x 48", 36" x 72", 48" x 72", 48" x 96", 96" x 144"
Sheet Size 2" larger than form area minimum
Depth of Draw Up to 18" standard, varies with machine size
Cycle Speeds Variable, depending upon application

Heavy-Duty Vacuum/Pressure Thermoforming Machine Options:

Sheet Temperature Sensor System: Allows heavy gauge sheet temperature to be monitored via infrared type sensor, providing capability for machine cycling to be based on actual sheet temperature rather than conventional process timers, if so desired. This process monitoring system aids quality control and helps optimize throughput & yield. Customer to specify the number of sensors desired for optimum performance on heavy-gauge materials.

Alternate Heater Systems: Multi-zone ceramic heater system replaces the standard flat black panel heaters with approximately 18 total zones for the most precise heating system available on the market.

Sheet Drape Sensor System: Monitors sheet draping with closed loop feedback to the operator via the operator control panel. With the addition of this system, critical thermoforming cycle times can be adjusted base on sheet drape. This is a excellent feature when working with heavy-gauge materials.

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